Must Have Board Game Accessories; Part 1

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I recently went on a trip to meet up with old friends. Friends that, much like myself, have lots of boardgames. So, in a way I was visiting people and their collection of cardboard that they are fond of so we can all play together by touching all the cardboard as a group.
… Exciting!

While talking over a game with my friends, I quickly realized that various piles of game bits were surrounding the game board. These piles were occasionally being knocked around or falling on the floor. Nothing is protecting them. Where are the game piece holders? A panicked thought goes through my mind, “Oh no! They do not have game accessories!” I quickly ask, because maybe they just didn’t take any out. But looking down at the cards that were, naked, exposed, vulnerable, I knew what the answer was going to be. I was correct. They just never got around to improving their collections with game accessories. It was at this point I realized that some gamers do not have game accessories. Maybe they just don’t know where to find them.


I will be providing you 2 lists of game accessories. The first list below contains cheaper and simple solutions you can acquire to improve gameplay and help organize games. Making games last longer and improving gameplay makes games more fun. The second list will be a follow up post I will link at the bottom when it is written. It will contain more expensive accessories that will pull together the hobby for any game enthusiast.

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