Horrible Role Playing Chapter 1: Monster & Animal Ideas No GM Should Use


I read a meme about this and couldn’t get it out of my head.


We all know how this abomination came to be. But for something so black & white, it is pleasant to look at. Just look at that sweet face.

Two-headed Winged Fire Ass

This flaming burro is only motivated by food. Watch out when these are overhead, because it was given the name Fire Ass just for being a flaming burro.

Piranha Frogs

Nothing scarier than an amphibian that has a nasty bite. He’s not out just catching flies.


This toad is mostly mouth. Image was generated when Wonder AI was creating image for Piranha Frog. Creepy image, worth sharing. I just don’t see how those little legs can jump with that huge head.

Elephant Squirrels

You think regular Squirrels like nuts, wait till you see these guys. Game idea: Give them strength and mass of an elephant.

Alpaca Sharks

In the great artic oceans swims the most dangerous predator, Alpaca Sharks. These killing machines have the warmest hides and they command a premium price. Watch out they spit!


This friendly doggo is part seahorse. Man’s best friend, if you happen to live in the ocean. I wonder what kind of stick he would bring back.

Fluffy Ants

These ants have the finest plush fur. It just takes about a whole hive to make a single full size article of Gossamer clothing.

Giant Flying Bull Ant

What should I write here. Comment with some suggestions.


With the wings of an eagle and tentacle legs of an octopus, this thing just screams “Hell No”, hope you don’t catch this thing flying around. This is a thing from my nightmares. Do what you want with it.

Giant Eaglepus

Favorite food: I don’t know. Dolphin?

Jelly Bean Crab

This pest lays its eggs that look like jelly bean candies. The unsuspecting scavengers that eat these piles of jelly beans quickly are alarmed as they hatch inside the bellies of whatever that consumed them…

Death from the inside out, no one should have to die that way…

Male Llamogre

50% Llama 50% Ogre
100% thing I never wanted to see, but I do have to admit he does look dignified.

Female Llamogre

Making it female did not make this any better. There is a bard out there that is going to try and seduce it… I just know it.

This Angel needs a name. Comment below.

More coming soon…
Comment with suggestions.

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