Unlimited Worlds at Your Fingertips: Exploring the Best Kindle Unlimited Books May 2023


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In 1760, Deborah Samson is born to Puritan parents in Plympton, Massachusetts. When her father abandons the family and her mother is unable to support them, Deborah is bound out as an indentured servant. From that moment on, she yearns for a life of liberation and adventure.

Twenty years later, as the American colonies begin to buckle in their battle for independence, Deborah, impassioned by the cause, disguises herself as a soldier and enlists in the Continental Army. Her impressive height and lanky build make her transformation a convincing one, and it isn’t long before she finds herself confronting the horrors of war head-on.

But as Deborah fights for her country’s freedom, she must contend with the secret of who she is—and, ultimately, a surprising love she can’t deny.

A woman’s investigation into her family’s murders uncovers lies, secrets, and dangerous truths in a heart-wrenching novel of suspense.

When she was thirteen years old, Samantha Newsom’s family was murdered and their Catskills farmhouse set ablaze in an unsolved crime that left nothing behind but ashes.

Twenty-two years later, Sam is pulled back to her hometown of Carney, New York, under the shadows of the grim tragedy she’s never forgotten or forgiven. Authorities mishandled the evidence, false rumors were seeded about her family, suspects yielded nothing, and the case went cold. Not anymore. Investigator Travis Meacham has been assigned to the case, and he has news for Sam: a prison inmate has come forward with a shocking admission. Sam’s baby sister, presumed dead in the fire, made it out of the house that night.

It’s not the only reveal that upends everything Sam thinks she knows about the crime and her family. But Carney protects its secrets. And this time, Sam might not be able to escape the town alive.

When artist Dani Peterson learns she’s slowly losing her vision, she becomes unmoored. Her ex-husband died only months before, leaving Dani and her preteen daughter grief stricken. Suddenly, the life Dani built for her family on the Outer Banks feels like a painful reminder of all they’ve lost.

On a whim, Dani sells her waterfront home and buys an old farm inland near the Virginia state line. But Dani’s daughter recoils at the sudden, drastic change. The Outer Banks’ sun-swept beaches, pink dawns, and savage storms are all she’s ever known.

But Dani is resolute, and the pair move to Virginia to embark on a challenging renovation. That summer, their efforts to turn a run-down silo into an art studio bring forth new friends, new loves, and new challenges.

As mother and daughter navigate the fiercest storm of their lives, they learn that instead of waiting for the skies to clear, they can withstand the wind and rain, so long as they do it together.

A sweeping, emotional tale of hope and perseverance, Swan Light weaves together the stories of two people separated by a century but connected by family, purpose, and one extraordinary lighthouse.

1913. Eighty-three-year-old Silvestre Swan has dedicated his life to the care of his Newfoundland lighthouse. His petition to relocate Swan Light from its precarious cliff’s edge is going unheard by town patriarch Cort Roland—that is, until a terrible storm brings an unlikely ally into Swan’s life. But is it too late for the stone lighthouse?

2014. Marine archaeologist Mari Adams’s attempts to fund her search for the notorious SS Californian are realized when she accepts a job to find the remains of Swan Light, rumored to have collapsed into the sea one hundred years ago. She teams up with salvager Julian Henry, and the pair unearth more than they bargained for in their search for the ruins. But when a group of treasure hunters threatens their mission, their hunt for the truth turns dangerous.

As past and present collide, the secrets hiding on the ocean floor begin to surface. Can Mari find the answers she is looking for—and at what price?

Can first love survive 18 years, 11,000 miles and a lifetime of misunderstandings?

Eighteen years ago, teenage Amy fled England, pregnant and heartbroken, to start over in New Zealand with her parents. Now Chris, the love she left behind, has walked into her beloved café by the beach and thrown her life into turmoil.

As far as Amy’s concerned, Chris chose to ignore the child she was carrying when they last met. She brought up their daughter alone and created a happy home for them both on the other side of the world. But with Chris suddenly back in her life, she can no longer ignore the past and begins to wonder what really happened all those years ago.

Old secrets and new revelations cast Amy’s world into doubt. What if this is her last chance at something truly meaningful? Can there really be a happy ending for everyone?

Four-year-old Florrie is missing. Who has taken her, and what do they want?

When Jane is asked to pick up her friend’s daughter, Florrie, from school, she can’t imagine the horror that will unfold. Because someone pretending to be Jane has already collected Florrie. And now the little four-year-old is missing…

Things don’t get any easier when Jane starts receiving anonymous letters that include intimate details about her life. As a psychologist and agony aunt, she’s used to getting letters asking for advice, but these are different. Are they somehow connected to the missing child?

Then, to her utter dismay, Jane finds incriminating evidence in her own home, evidence that is clearly linked to Florrie. She starts to doubt everyone around her, even her own family – could one of them be implicated in Florrie’s disappearance?

Under the unspeakable stress, her marriage crumbles, her children act out and her once-successful business falls apart. And that’s when Jane discovers a shocking secret that shatters her entire world.

In a heart-pounding race against time, Jane must find Florrie and uncover the truth. Can she save Florrie and her own family, or will she be too late to stop the unthinkable?

What’s more dangerous than joining the Vandar to crush the Zagrath? Being taken captive by the deadly creatures who rule the sector—and consider prisoners to be expendable.

Cassie is eager to join her fellow resistance fighters when they team up with the Vandar hordes, but working on the Vandar ship means she’s now colleagues with the tough aliens and answers to the new warlord, Raas Aydan. She’s used to the Vandar being scary, but the Lost Vandar are different, and she’s never had a man look at her the way Raas Ayden does.

When a mission to the lawless Jarvelon sector goes awry, the Vandar raiders are the least of Cassie’s worries. The mercenary gang that captures her and Thea is only interested in trading her to the empire so the Vandar can be lured to their destruction. But when Raas Ayden arrives to rescue her, she realizes that he might be the most dangerous creature after her.

Prisoner is a full-length sci-fi romance novel with a HEA and no cheating. It features steamy scenes in an enemy prison ship, alien horde space battles, and some serious heat.

Veronica Woodworth left her estate to her granddaughter, Elise, when she passed away. Now, with the money from the inheritance, Elise could open her very own flower shop. Her best friend, Dayton, thought the manor guest house would make the perfect bed and breakfast. Soon after they arrived, the house cat led Elise right to the missing butler, murdered. All cats could be weird sometimes, but Florent seemed to be weird most of the time. Florent led Elise straight to a hidden room in the kitchen and even helped her figure out how to open the door. In all of her time playing in the manor, she never knew this room was here. But someone did. Following clues that sometimes led in circles, Elise, Dayton, and Florence stumbled upon secrets that the killer did not want revealed and could have led him or her to kill again to cover the tracks.

Grandmother always said I had the rot in me, something dark and vicious, waiting to come out and play. That I got it from my father, a serial killer who attacked my mother. It runs in my blood. She said I can’t escape it, no matter how hard I try.

She was right.

My mother and I are out of options, so we had to run. Leave behind the life we both knew without looking back. We move in with my estranged aunt, her sister, and her handsome son, Elias. She’s happy to take us in, thinking we can make up for lost time.

But the rot is always there, waiting.

I don’t expect much. Life is so boring when you’re trying to be good. Elias doesn’t hesitate to make it known I’m not welcome in his life or his house, and he’ll do anything he can to put me in my place and get us to leave.

Rot attracts rot to make something new.

Cold, cruel, calculating; there’s more to Elias than meets the eye, and I find myself wanting things I’ve never wanted before. I’m not the only one keeping secrets. Elias is, too, and I’ll do whatever I can to discover the truth.

The rot demands it, just as it hungers for us.

*Rot is a darker, standalone romance, suitable for 18+. 

Can Henrietta find out what happened to Annie’s sister—before it’s too late?

Haunted by the past, Henrietta throws herself into a new job transcribing other people’s life stories, vowing to stick to the facts and keep emotions at arm’s length. But when she meets the eccentric and terminally ill Annie, she finds herself inextricably drawn in. And when Annie reveals that her sister drowned in unexplained circumstances in 1974, Henrietta’s methodical mind can’t help following the story’s loose ends…

Unlike Henrietta, Annie is brimming with confidence—but even she has limits when it comes to opening up. Ever since that terrible night when her sister left a pile of clothes beside the canal and vanished, Annie has been afraid to look too closely into the murky depths of her memories. When her attempts to glide over the past come up against Henrietta’s determination to fill in the gaps, both women find themselves confronting truths they’d thought were buried forever—especially when Henrietta’s digging unearths a surprising emotional connection between them.

Could unlocking Annie’s story help Henrietta rewrite the most devastating passages in her own life? And, in return, can she offer Annie a final twist in the tale, before it’s too late?

Little Red Riding Hood meets spicy romantasy in this witchy retelling of a classic fairy tale.

Elara has only one goal in her life: to convince her mother to treat her like the fully grown witch she is and let her attend a Coven meeting. But on her twenty-fifth birthday, Elara discovers that her mother had good reasons for keeping her away from the Coven and her grandmother, its unfeeling Crone.

Now forced to run for her life to hide a magic she shouldn’t possess, Elara is told to find the wicked Demon King and claim his protection. But when she runs into a handsome hunter and his wolf in the forest, her journey takes on a dimension she never expected.

This is a slow burn, reluctant allies to lovers spicy romance with romance tropes that include forced proximity and only one bed.

A tortured alien hero determined to protect his fated mate.

As a child, I was stolen by the lord of my planet’s invaders. He brought me to the chamber, where he held others he’d also taken. Through the years, me and my new brothers were twisted into hardened beasts, each with a unique ability that shouldn’t exist outside of myth. We’re monsters. Any female who gazes upon us will run.

Now we’ve been entered into the Galaxy Games. Each landscape contains a series of deadly pitfalls, shifting goalposts, and an elusive final destination. It’s my chance to break free.

But I’m paired with a delectable Earth female who makes me see color for the very first time, proving she’s my fated mate.

I’ll finish this Game. I’ll free my brothers. And I’ll claim the Earthling female as my prize.

The Complete Galaxy Games Series includes:
Alien Warrior Unleashed
Alien Warrior Untamed
Alien Warrior Unbeaten
Alien Warrior Unclaimed